How to Convince Your Boss to Pay for Your Coworking Membership

Work and workspaces have changed a lot during the pandemic and are likely to change more permanently moving forward. Working from home is becoming a more viable option for employees and companies, but there are some complications.

A number of employees like yourself are finding that trying to get paid work done with interruptions from dogs, kids, parents, siblings, laundry, neighbours, and who knows what else, isn’t that simple, isn’t efficient and is much more exhausting. 

But, as many companies transition to a permanent work-from-home model, or a partial one, you might have to get used to working this way.

Or do you?

Good news! You don’t have to get used to working this way, as membership in a coworking space is a viable, inexpensive, and sustainable option. Here are some persuasive arguments to use to win your boss over to a coworking membership:

No distractions = get more done in less time

Coworking members state that they are, on average, 60% more productive working from coworking spaces than working from home. This is even more true for those who are on frequent virtual meetings or Zoom calls; the quiet background and lack of interruptions in a coworking space make a huge difference in both the quality of the call and focus.

Interaction with other members

Coworking spaces also provide a great diversity of experiences and perspectives from other members. Water cooler conversations that are now nonexistent when you work from home can once again happen (socially distanced, of course), spurring innovation, creativity and morale.

Professional environment for in-person meetings

If you need to meet with team members or clients face-to-face, coworking spaces provide a professional meeting environment that simply does not exist at home. And, you don’t have to clean the house first!

Increased corporate presence

Many coworking spaces offer mail handling services, thus allowing your company to claim a satellite office in that area. This is often helpful when seeking contracts outside of the main office locale. Creative Nomad Studios is a coworking space here in Orillia which offers this service.

Money savings

Of course, a huge argument in favour of coworking spaces is the money that can be saved by companies, in a couple of different ways. If companies are paying for employees’ office supplies, set up, internet, phone and more, while folks work from home, it may well be cheaper to fork over money for a coworking membership instead.

And of course, companies that transition out of a lease agreement into a coworking membership for their employees are saving massive amounts of money by not paying commercial rental rates, furnishing offices, paying utilities, etc.

It’s pretty clear to see that coworking spaces work, for both employees and employers. 

We are proud to offer a fantastic coworking space right here in Orillia, Creative Nomad Studios. 

Talk to your boss about paying for your membership today! 

If you are interested in having your employer pay for your coworking membership and need additional resources or support from Creative Nomad Studios, please reach out to us at
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