One of the very first steps in starting a business is building its brand. You shouldn’t open your doors without finalizing your branding, as successful branding has to be in place for marketing, finding a customer base, and more. Here are the five key steps to building a brand for your company, so you and your business can forge a path to success!

  1. Do your market research. Know what you are selling, and to whom you are selling. Find out how you are seen in the market by your customers, and compared to your competitors. The easiest way to do these things is by doing a survey, either formally or informally. There are many free survey platforms online to help with this task.
  2. Focus on your unique value. Once you have done your research, this will become clear. Are you the friendly neighbourhood business? The one with the best value for money? The one who is open 24/7? The most convenient to a certain neighbourhood or demographic? What is the most important thing about your company, according to your customers?
  3. Choose a brand name that delivers your message clearly. Once you have figured out what your customers want, and have created products or services that deliver what they want, you need to figure out what to call them. Be creative, but specific. Remember what your customers said that they liked about your company and use that in the naming. Make it catchy! Creative Nomad Studios is a lot catchier than A Place To Work. 
  4. Create an emotional connection. Doing this can be as simple as knowing which colours evoke certain emotions in buyers. Hospitals are painted pastel colours for a reason; they are calming, which is very helpful during what could be a stressful time. Similarly, greens are used for environmental themes, blue in branding inspires a ense of loyalty, stability, calm along with feelings of trust, and so on. Different fonts create different moods as well: comic sans in a lawyer’s office might not be quite the messaging you are looking for.
  5. Use your brand consistently. Finally, once you have finalized your brand, use it consistently. Your name, colours, fonts, and messaging should be fully on point at all times. Your brand will be on display on signage, décor, marketing and promotional materials and more. Make sure your employees understand your brand so that they can communicate it effectively as well. They can be your biggest brand ambassadors. 

There are many companies out there that can help you define and design your branding. Don’t be shy about using their expertise, and don’t hesitate to voice your own opinions if you feel they are not “getting” your business. After all, it is YOUR business, and you understand it better than anyone. Creative Nomad Studios is the perfect space to work on your new or existing business. 

Have fun and enjoy the process. Happy branding!

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