Let’s talk about time management! Entrepreneurs are busy, busy people. You have to be all things to all people, and often, wear all the hats in your business. Especially if you are in the early years of your business, with no employees; or you are a sole proprietor. It often seems there are not enough hours in the day…or week. Managing your time efficiently will actually help you free up time, for other tasks, or maybe even for some much-needed R and R. Here are our top six time management tips!

  1. Make a list. Every evening, make a list of the top six things you need to complete the next day. Arrange them in priority order, and the next day, start at the top and complete each task before you jump to the next. You will be through that list in no time!

  2. Be ruthless about interruptions. Did you know that every time you get interrupted at a task, it takes an average of over 23 minutes to get back on task? That’s a lot of time lost during the day…time you don’t have to waste. Set your phone to silent and put it in a drawer, only have the work you need to access open on your computer and get to work on the first task on your list.

  3. Schedule everything, including rest times. Use the Pomodoro technique, also known as time blocking. Set the timer for 25 minutes and get at that first task on your list. When the bell goes, time 5 minutes to take a break…take a short walk or stretch, check your social media…then set the timer for 25 minutes again to finish that task, or start a new one.

  4. Have set times to check your email. Check it first thing in the morning, just before or after lunch, and just before the end of your workday. Put a time limit on it, and concentrate only on email during those periods. You will find it sucks up a lot less of your time when you don’t have it open all day long.

  5. Set a timer for meetings as well. Meetings can be the biggest time-suck in a workday and can leave you with no time to do anything else. Anything that can be done in a two-hour meeting can be done in one, so make an agenda for each meeting, schedule them for one hour, and get through them and out the door to the rest of your day.

  6. Don’t forget about work/life balance! Studies have shown that people who prioritize self-care and relationships live longer, and are more productive than those who just work all the time. Get that massage, take your partner out to lunch, and have that nap on Sunday afternoon. This will all help you be in fighting shape for the work week ahead. 

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