Artwork Photo Shoot with Mike Bailey

What is the Artworks Photo Shoot? It is an opportunity for you to have your artwork professionally photographed for use in your portfolio, art show submissions and professional quality art prints. There is no substitution for professionally photographed images when it comes to properly representing your art.

During the shoot, your art will be hung and individually photographed under the proper lighting to ensure the best colour quality.

Each image is scrutinized during post editing with colour calibrated equipment to ensure:

  • Colour correction with even lighting across the entire surface.

  • Proper exposure with proper light balance.

  • Camera perspective/distortion correction.

  • Highlight and shadow correction.

  • Minimized glare.

  • Clean backgrounds. 

  • Digital sharpening, texture and clarity refinements.

  • Proper sizing for social media and prints.

What you take home:

Electronic JPG file sized at 2000 pixels per inch for all social media use.

Electronic High Resolution file at 300 dots per inch and sized at the dimensions of your original art that are suitable for use on websites, social media, email, magazine articles, ads or prints.

Satisfaction guaranteed. 

The cost is $50.00 per art piece. Please purchase one ticket for each individual piece of artwork you would like photographed. 

For example, if you would like to bring 4 pieces of artwork to be photographed, select 4 tickets during the checkout process.

If you want actual prints on photo paper or canvas, enlargements, matting, framing etc, Mike will have information available for you when you drop off or pick up your work. 

Registration is required in advance,  no later than February 25th, 2021. Instructions to each artist will be provided after your registration. 

About the photographer: 
Mike Bailey is a self-taught, award winning photographer of over 15 years’ experience. He grew up in Muskoka and now resides in Orillia. He has always been intrigued by the many different elements of both man made and the natural world that surrounds us each day. He has an eye and an ability to bring out the beauty and perspective of things we see and take for granted as you quickly pass by. Focusing on landscapes, nature, architecture and the forgotten man made subjects throughout North America, he strives to reveal an emotional connection with the viewer.

Mike’s photographic, real life impressions of the beauty and photo creations are printed on fine art papers and canvas. Taking it to the final steps in completing his work, he professionally custom frames his own work using high quality wood frames and acid free material for preservation of his fine art presentation.